MEERA ( Mahila Economic Empowerment Rural Association ) is a registered, non-profit, charitable trust working towards its objective of empowering rural community through financial and non-financial support with emphasis on women, thus elevating their socio economic status. Securing their livelihoods, without having to dislodge themselves from their natural habitat.

Established in 2011, by a group of likeminded women, who having realised the importance of economic independence of women were committed to help the rural women achieve the same. Having observed the opportunities, exposure and skill sets this populace lacked, it was decided that instead of charity, providing sustainable livelihood would go a long way in bettering their quality of life.

MEERA started its first centre in the forest valley of Polladpur ghats in the vicinity of Mahabaleshwar. Though Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani are major hill stations in the Maharashtra, the development benefits of these hill stations have not percolated to the grass roots and life for the locals, remain a struggle with mounting debts. The only livelihood which is small land holdings are mostly bought off by city dwellers for their ‘weekend’ getaways. There is gross pollution by visiting tourists thus endangering the natural flora and fauna of the area. The growing disparity and widening gap between the urban and rural has led to the need of “Inclusive Growth” through investment in rural areas, rural infrastructure, agriculture and self-employment, which is necessary for “Sustainable Development”
With this scenario in mind and the need to bring about a positive change, MEERA was established.


To help the local community retain their land holding by empowering women economically by developing skill sets taking into consideration their existing surroundings.


Establish MEERA as a brand under which Quality products manufactured by the members will be marketed.
Narrow the growing disparity between the elite and grassroots with "Inclusive Growth" by investment in rural areas through “Sustainable Development” by preserving existing environmental resources to create a balance between the eco-social status.
Create opportunities of gainful self-employment for the rural womenfolk especially the disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood and good quality of life.


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